This is how it all started.

Last night, as my friends and I counted down to the new year, they asked me about my New Years resolutions. When confronted with this question I froze up as I realized not a thought about this subject had crossed my mind… well, since last New Years Eve.  Quickly I managed to blurt out that I intended to become more organized and get my life in order. Although both of these goals are likely to sink like the Titanic, they seemed to be logical ideas.

As the night continued, this question clung in the back of my mind. Somehow after several glasses of… I’m honestly not sure what, a conversation of blogging began. Before, I had contributed blogs to nerds who sat in the dark, hiding from daylight and social interaction. Still, there is an erotic type of draw and temptation when it comes to releasing pure, and unfiltered thoughts of my (admittedly) average life.

So, here is my real New Years resolution. My new resolution is to regularly update this blog and fill it with purely entertaining content. I hope this will not only be education journey for me but an entertaining one for you as well. Thank you to my awesome friend (you know who you are) who gave me a kick start to this whole idea. I might be just a little bit of a  copy-cat. But after all, aren’t we all?


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