Sometimes, specific things need to be said.

The trouble with life is that it is so random. One moment you can be focused on a happy memory or excited for something so silly. Then, out of nowhere, the universe can pull the plug on everything and leave you with en empty feeling of doubt or sadness.  I know, I promised to make this blog entertaining and silly, but sometimes there are very important things that needs to be said.

Death is confusing, no matter the context. Also, you can not control fate.

My friends father lost his life today because of a series of unfortunate events involving bad weather and risky mountain roads.  He did not deserve to lose his life, he was only trying to the right thing and help those in need. What happened was not fair or just in any form of the meaning.

He leaves behind a large family of wonderful individuals who will desperately miss their dad.  Still, I know the positive impact this fallen police officer had on his family and on his community will never be forgotten. His legacy lies with his family and friends. What I have written here does not do justice to his character or his life. Honestly, it leaves out his traits of a silly and fun loving personality.

Although the outreach of this blog post may be minimal, thoughts and prayers for his family would be greatly appreciated.  Life is short and unpredictable. Perhaps this is what makes it fragile, perhaps this is what makes it worth while, or perhaps it’s a combination of both.


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