A failed day at the gym

Recently, one of my good friends had moved out of the foothills and into the city. As part of her own New Years resolutions she decided to get back into better shape. So, she invited me to explore the local rec center and spend a morning working out with her.

Although this sounds like an extraordinarily boring time, it wasn’t. The moment we entered the doors the ladies seemed confused. At the time we were completely oblivious as to why. Since we were both new to the area, the ladies at the front desk began to give us a tour of the facility.

We soon discovered the cause for the confusion. In the entire building, there was not one person under the age of 92. It was as if we had entered the physical therapy center of a retirement home. My friend and I exchanged awkward glances. It is likely that we are the youngest people most of the members of their fitness club have seen in over twenty years. I must say, we don’t have a problem with the elderly. But the awkward silence and  old men trying to lecture us about inappropriate yoga pants was enough to kill any fitness vibe.

Needless to say, my friend and I did not get a very good workout in. After we left the gym, we needed something to do so we ended up in a local coffee shop. Instead, we ended up enjoying the day talking about failed New Years resolutions with caramel flavored high fructose corn syrup, high calorie comfort. We pretty much did the opposite of what we set out for. Oh well.


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