Dear Vienna, 

It’s sad to think my trip abroad had almost come to an end. Tonight I just got back to me hotel room after another amazing day. Yet, tomorrow around this time I will be back home hallway around the world.

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Vienna. It’s one of those places people fantasize about…. And for good reason. Its a city you could visit for weeks and still have new things to discover. Around every corner there is a new monument or museum.  I saw the home of Mozart and sigmund frued. I saw the birthplace of Mozart’s many classic works.

Around the central part of the city lies a main park. In the center is a giant romanticized statue of Mozart. Blow it lies a giant treble clef made up entirely of bright yellow flowers. Beside Mozart, the gardens are full of other famous statues and monuments. On the outskirts of the gardens lie rosebushes dedicated for citizens of the city who have gone missing, or so tried to explain our tour guide. I have never actually been to Europe in the spring or summer, so to see flowers blooming and trees flowering was a treat.

On one side of the park, there is a giant atrium with  a butterfly pavilion and cafe. On all the others lie a castle, government buildings, and the state opera. Now, these buildings aren’t your typical offices…… Every single building in the entire city looks as of it has been built to impress. The peaks and spires stand tall as if competing for great new nights. The outsides are very ornate with statues of majestic women, horses, and frescos. There are great copper  domes on many of the buildings which have turned a bright turquoise color because of their age.

All down the streets from the opera shops like Gucci, Prada, and Coach sell attire for those with exoberant amounts of money.

Because we only had decided to take a day trip to the city, we had a short time to explore the city. Perhaps the only thing I regret about my entire trip was not having more time on Vienna.

As I watched the sunset in the midst of these beauftil gardens, part of me knew I will sometime return to this city. The feeling grows as the rain clears and the wispy clouds giveaway to feathered shades of rose pink and violet. The colors appear vivid next to the bright turquoise domes of the city. I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. The bittersweet feeling of leaving behind unexplored territory gives me something to look forward to…



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