Best Bite of Budapest

Tonight, I enjoyed the best meal that I have had in months. Down a little ally there was a place called the M Restaurant. It couldn’t have been much bigger then a tiny cafe, but the food was superb. My friend and I walked into the crowded place and ended up scoring a patio table right outside the door. It was lucky we arrived just in time, because six or seven couples were turned away after us by wait staff because lack of availability. The place is off the beaten path and it is clear that it is predominately frequented by locals. Outside it has a very cute atmosphere. The wooden tables were covered in cushions and had a wall which opened, connecting indoors and outdoors. Happy conversation and clinking glasses could be heard down the street where it resides. Early summer is the perfect time to enjoy patio seating. The temperature is just right and the flowers are in full bloom.

As for my food, it couldn’t have been better. I ordered chicken goulash with a side of dumplings, accompanied by a glass of white house wine. The chicken was tender, juicy and cooked to perfection. The Goulash sauce was savory and perfectly seasoned with paprika and basil. The plain dumplings with light sour cream created a nice balance for the dish.


Their website can be found at



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