Take a deep breath

I’ve come to a realization that stress of everyday life is absolutely ridiculous. Nearly every problem we face is nothing in perspective to other problems that could theoretically arise. Sure, we all have ups and downs… but time is usually the best solution to anything. Give something time to settle down, and the sticky situation will untangle its self.  A few months ago I decided to start practicing yoga. Many people claim that it is a “magical solution” for stress which helps you mentally and gets you into shape.  For obvious reasons I was quick to call BS on the whole idea until I was convinced to give it a chance.

I can now say without a doubt that there is something unique to this idea of “a hippy work out,” as refereed to by one of my friends. . Although the lasting effects are not immediate, you feel better surprisingly better even  after your first attempt.  I began practicing yoga because I wanted an excuse to get out of actual homework and distract myself from stress. But after repetition, it made me feel better then  I could have ever hoped for.

I chose tonight to write about it because of an unusual event I encountered. I found a new cool -down pose which I decided to try tonight during  yoga practice. I am completely serious when I say that it brought me the post amazing feeling of mental relaxation and clam. It was almost as if I was sleeping while keeping a purposeful and  steady breathing pattern to maintain mental consciousness.

My problems and sources of stress slipped away into oblivion, and stayed there even after I was done with my practice. In not saying that they completely dissipated, but seemed to become manageable and tiny. Even now, I am writing by blog post and it seems like life is totally chill for the first time in a while.

For a fifteen minuet dedication every night, I not only have managed to restore my sanity, but I also got abs. The benefits of a short daily yoga session are totally worth the little extra work.


This is how it all started.

Last night, as my friends and I counted down to the new year, they asked me about my New Years resolutions. When confronted with this question I froze up as I realized not a thought about this subject had crossed my mind… well, since last New Years Eve.  Quickly I managed to blurt out that I intended to become more organized and get my life in order. Although both of these goals are likely to sink like the Titanic, they seemed to be logical ideas.

As the night continued, this question clung in the back of my mind. Somehow after several glasses of… I’m honestly not sure what, a conversation of blogging began. Before, I had contributed blogs to nerds who sat in the dark, hiding from daylight and social interaction. Still, there is an erotic type of draw and temptation when it comes to releasing pure, and unfiltered thoughts of my (admittedly) average life.

So, here is my real New Years resolution. My new resolution is to regularly update this blog and fill it with purely entertaining content. I hope this will not only be education journey for me but an entertaining one for you as well. Thank you to my awesome friend (you know who you are) who gave me a kick start to this whole idea. I might be just a little bit of a  copy-cat. But after all, aren’t we all?